Water and stain repellent (all purpose) spray Protector Alpha - aruci

Water and stain repellent (all-purpose) spray Protector Alpha

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Waterproof spray that penetrates leather without covering the leather surface

[R & D, which handles M.MOWBRAY, supervises maintenance goods that match ARUCI products. Because it is not selected, it can be used not only for the scissor case but also for the apron. In addition, if you use a new leather product, it will be less likely to be dirty, and you can use it more effectively and more effectively. The usage is to remove dust or dirt with a cloth or brush, shake the container well, spray the spray about 20 to 30 cm away, and spray twice to the extent that the surface is lightly moist. Then you can easily care for leather just by wiping or brushing. When wiping, dry the smooth leather and wipe it with a polishing cloth. After drying the suede nubuck, brush it with a crepe brush to prepare the fur. After drying, brushing is recommended after drying. [Brand] M.MOWBRAY [Country of origin] Japan [Capacity] 220ml [Details] It is an almighty waterproof (water) and anti -fouling spray that can be used not only for shoes and leather products but also for umbrellas and fabrics. Protects from moisture, dust, garbage, and oil stains to prevent spots.

Water and stain repellent (all-purpose) spray Protector Alpha

Regular price¥1,650
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