Nume leather used in ARUCI has little extra surface processing, and uses leather that is obediently eligible and deepening the taste.

If you want to first metaphorical ARUCI scissor case, the born baby itself. It is easy to use stains and scratches, especially.

Therefore, Aruci ships to your customers with a thin and spray of the Coronyl Waterstop (waterproof spray).
This promotes healthy growth in early delicate time large accidents. ※ It is not complete waterproof and antifouling.

Maintenance to keep in mind is wipe with a soft and dry cloth as soon as possible when it gets dirty.
Based on that, later grade ways (aftercare) are up to you.

Therefore, we will guide you to two ways to grow from ARUCI.

1. Especially no nurture

In humans, it is a way of raising it.
By changing the most naturally as a merit, you can maximize the potential of the original leather.
As a disadvantage, wounds and stains are easier for damage, but it is recommended to raise this to those who are the best part of the Nume leather product.

2. How to grow with Colonyl Waterstop (Germany) "Waterproof, antifouling, little moisturizing"

When you say human beings, easy skin care is to grow.
Spray the aforementioned Colonil Water Stop once a month.
Waterproof and antifouling effects prevent small dirt and scratches. ※ It can not be protected completely.
In addition, by continuing to use, the fluorocarbon resin, which is the component of the spray, is penetated in the leather inside, and it does not impair the texture, and will be raised to strong leather. However, because it causes stains, it is careful about spraying at short distance and too much. It is point to spray thin and thinner.

Way of storage

If it is not used for a long time, storage at high temperature and humidity, direct sunlight stations (in-vehicle or inhibited, windows)
Please stop because it causes discoloration, deformation and mold.
In addition, when taking storage, please do not put in a plastic bag and save it with the supplied cloth bag.