The leather used in aruci products, the environment in which our products are made, and the stories of the people who create them.



We are conscious of the "Beauty of Use" in manufacturing our products.
aruci's scissor case is just a tool, but we consider it as an important part of your outfits.
We never release products unless we are fully confident in them.
We create prototypes based on feedback from users. We check usability, durability, and secular change by actually using them in the field.
On top of that, we repeatedly make improvements, which lead to a work of art.


The thickness is adjusted in 0.1mm increments depending on the leather. In addition, we add the most suitable core material even to the invisible parts based on load calculations.

This may be seen as an extremely irrational cycle for a manufacturer who rationally creates products based on accumulated data and samples from other companies. However, we are committed to originality and we always want to keep creating the best products of the moment.



As I studied traditional arts (fabric, dyeing, miscellaneous goods, etc.) of overseas at university, my passion toward material selection is larger than others.

We do not only design but also understand the characteristics of each material to ensure that there is no issues for long-term use. We also try to reflect the history of the material and the thoughts of the creator in our designs.


In particular, our passion toward leather is twice as big as anyone else's.

We select the most suitable leather by making prototypes from hundreds of leathers collected from Japan and overseas.

With the cooperation of a long-established leather manufacturer, we have created our unique leather products. We have engaged in every phase starting from selecting rawhide to dyeing the surface and finishing the back side without sparing any efforts or costs. Because we have absolute confidence in this product, we named it "Wajinume" inspired by our company name.



Our atelier is borderless. There is nothing blocking free thinking in manufacturing.
Designers, craftsmen, and creators from other brands frequently drop by on a private basis to exchange opinions on designs, ideas, and materials, as well as to share their techniques. When we get excited, our interactions often result in collaborate products.

Some of the most famous and experienced craftsmen in the industry offer regular technical training courses for young craftsmen because they like our style.

Our Thoughts_

Our base of activity is a studio and gallery renovated from an old private house in Osaka City.

There, craftsmen and designers in their 20s to 40s take the lead in making scissor cases and barber aprons, as well as bags, wallets, and interior goods.
In addition to our own brand, we are also engaged in OEM for domestic manufacturers and luxury brands.

Today, aruci scissor cases are made in an environment where people can truly enjoy and seriously devoted themselves to manufacturing.