Aruci provides a year warranty period (free repair) from the purchase. It may not be exactly not complete by the state of the product and the repair content. Also, please note that the following is not subject to free repair.

  • Wounds attached to materials, rubbing, stains
  • Teat of material, restoration of holes by alley
  • If it is intentionally damaged due to remodeling

It is also possible to repair for a fee after the warranty period has elapsed.
We accept inquiries at email and LINE, so please contact the address below at the time of request.

Repair request flow

  1. Contact by email from customer
  2. Temporary estimation (smooth if there is an attached image) by confirmation of the repair point
  3. Repair product shipping (shipping cost will be borne by the customer)
  4. Customer approval for formal estimates
  5. Repair start
  6. After completing the repair, the repair price will be billed with shipping by cash on delivery.

In addition, please feel free to contact us by email if you have any questions about repair and aftercare.

We will support you with all your power, as you can use as long as possible.