ANTIQUE slim - aruci
ANTIQUE slim - aruci
ANTIQUE slim - aruci
ANTIQUE slim - aruci




Regular price ¥14,300

Simple and stylish design

This is a

basic slim scissor case

from the popular Slim
series with an antique feel

It has a simple rectangular base with a round pocket.

There are two storage areas: the main scissors compartment and an outside pocket.

The lower back can be opened and closed with a hook for easy cleaning.

Recommended points

Recommended for those who prefer a simple shape.

Although it is slim, you can choose the scissor pocket for 3 to 6 knives.

Of course, it is also suitable for trimmers and florists.

If you want to add a little cuteness to the stylish shape, why don't you make a
knit duckle belt

Scissor pocket, duckall belt and shoulder are sold separately.
Please choose your favorite color and shape from each page.

[Antique Leather

The dyed leather is produced by the hands of craftsmen one by one.

Similar colors of different shades are rubbed into the tanned base to
create an antique

The contrast between the front and back of the leather is also attractive.

[Texture of antique leather]
Initial texture

<soft> ・・ ◎・ <hard>
<matte> ・・ ◎・ <glossy >

Texture after 6 months
* There are errors depending on the environment and frequency of use
<soft> ・・ ◎・ <hard>
<matte& gt; ・・ ◎・ < Gloss >

ANTIQUE slim - aruci
ANTIQUE slim - aruci
ANTIQUE slim - aruci




Simple and stylish design This is a basic slim scissor case from the popular Slim series with an antique feel.
Regular price ¥14,300

The current estimated delivery date is2ヶ月around
Please contact via our official LINE account for any inquiries on our products. For inquiries, click here

I get old obediently without doing most of the surface processing that the soft leather of the use from Tochigi is too much in aruci and use leather deepening taste.
If perform a metaphor of aruci scissors case having just finished making it; newborn baby itself. The errand length is a stain in particular and the state that are easy to be disgraced.
Therefore I ship it to the visitor in the state that sprayed コロニルウォーターストップ thinly in aruci.

As maintenance to have you note it, please wipe it off with the wet, the cloth that you dried softly as soon as possible when you become dirty.

Specifically, you can confirm it here.

aruci has a one-year warranty (free repair) from the time of purchase. It may not be completely repaired depending on the condition of the product and the repair contents. In addition, please note that the following cases are not eligible for free repair.

  • Scratches, rubbing, stains on the material
  • Repairing holes due to tearing or fraying of material
  • When it is intentionally damaged by modification etc.
  • Even after the warranty period has expired, we can repair it for a fee.

We accept inquiries by e-mail, so please contact us at the following address when making a request.

Nationwide uniform 660 yen
Hokkaido · Okinawa only 1,000 yen

10,000 yen or more (tax included) Free shipping on purchase

[Delivery time]
Customer producers will be shipped within 20 days of order. ※ We will change depending on your order content and production status.

Returns and exchanges due to customer convenience can not be accommodated except for initial defects.
We will bear the shipping fee for return / exchange for the initial failure.
Please email me within 5 days after the product arrives.
Even if you return the product without contacting you, you can not receive it.
Gift wrapping is available free of charge.
• Special Thanks
• Conglatulations
You are able to choose from these options.
When ordering the product, please describe that in the remarks column.
※ If you do not specify, we will prepare in Special Thankks.
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早織 南.
Japan Japan

初めて注文させていただきました。 アシスタントのときからインスタで見てて、自分がスタイリストになったらaruciさんで作ってもらおうと決めていました。 シンプルでかっこよさと可愛さがあったからです。 作り手さんのこだわりが見られるものばかりで、楽しんでパーツ選びをしました。 注文してから2週間ちょっとで届き、その早さに驚きです。 革が滑らか、色もデザインも可愛くてこれから仕事に行くのが楽しみになりそうです。 また何か仕事で必要なものがあった らaruciさんにお願いします^ ^ありがとうございました。

aruci ANTIQUE slim Review

南さま この度はご購入いただき誠にありがとうございます。 そしてスタイリストデビューおめでとうございます! お写真、とてもお似合いですね! お言葉が本当に嬉しく、そう言っていただけると大変励みになりますし、ずっと決めて下さっていたということがこの上なく嬉しいです。 メンテナンスや修理も承っていますので、長くご愛用いただければ幸いです。ぜひ今後ともよろしくお願いいたします。