hakama" apron for beauticians

AP004 hakama apron middle length Bio-washed Color: Khaki drab Thanks to you, these new These new items have been very popular. aruci's aprons are designed to match your work style and scene. The apron of aruci is made based on the work style and scene. We select the most suitable leather, fabric and hardware. And above all, this storage capacity (Upper right pen holder, lower left scissor pocket and key holder are optional. Of course, we also care about the silhouette. I myself place a lot of importance on the pattern when choosing clothes. I ask people of all shapes and sizes to be my models. I had people of all shapes and sizes model for me, and I re-made them until they felt right. The lower part is made of Hakama, which is easy to move around. We have also made other small parts, so It takes about three times as long to make an apron as a normal apron, but we are satisfied with the result. At present, the delivery time is about two weeks. Our craftsmen are working at full capacity on the sewing machine! If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us!