I want to tell as many people as possible about aruci's commitment to manufacturing!

Hello! I'm Iwata, your assistant! As usual. I'm going to start off by talking loosely... It was White Day the other day! I forgot about it. I completely forgot about it, but... (I also forgot about Valentine's Day) Doh!!! Thankfully, from our representatives and craftsmen. excellent taste in a wide range of ways (laughs). I received a gift! We ate it well and deliciously, and I think I'll decorate the egg... (laughs) Sakai Workshop is full of laughter. But we are working hard every day We're working hard every day! aruci will start selling overseas !!!! Our products are handmade by craftsmen. Each product is handmade by craftsmen We will be able to deliver our products We are now able to deliver our products overseas! It's all about the user. All for the special feeling that craftsmen around the world for a special feeling. The more selfish, the better. We will be more selfish in our manufacturing. The new work is also completed. Please take a look. Please continue to visit aruci. Thank you very much.