Background of aruci Hakama Apron

Good evening, this is MINA.

It is the season of beautiful hydrangea. The color of hydrangea flowers varies, but it depends on the ph of the soil. You can tell the ph by the color of the flower, it's like a litmus paper. I used the word "litmus paper" after a long time...

Now, today, I'd like to talk about the overwhelmingly popular

Today, I'd like to talk about the overwhelmingly popular " Hakama Apron" at aruci.

New ones are coming out one after another, so please check out our website!

Today, I'd like to tell you about the backstage of apron production.

All of aruci's products are made by hand, one by one, by our craftsmen. When I first saw the process, I was amazed at how detailed it was.

For example, on the pockets, all the marks are made by tapping like this so that the folds are finished beautifully.

The metal fittings are also fastened by hand, one by one, making sure they are tightened properly.

To make sure the apron can be used for a long time, we burn the end of the stitches with a lighter. This makes the threads tighter and stronger, preventing them from unraveling.

Each part is carefully made one by one.

A lot of pockets!

This is the Velcro part of the bottom of the pocket. We use double-sided tape to secure the Velcro so that it doesn't slip out of position before sewing it on.

Of course, we also make the apron strings one by one.

Then each part is sewn together.

This is only a small part of the process, but this is how aruci products are made by craftsmen with all their hearts.

We hope you will use aruci's scissor cases and aprons for a long time.

Even if you are not using them yet, please consider them!