beans in production - scissor case

Hello, this is mina.

The rainy season sky is getting less and less and the days are getting hotter.

How are you doing? When the cicadas start singing, it's going to be a very hot summer!

Today, I'd like to introduce you to the other side of our production.

aruci's most popular scissor case


I'd like to show you a glimpse behind the production of these bean-shaped beans!

After the leather has been cut, we remove the fluff from the leather and apply it by hand one by one.

The leather is hand-painted one by one to make it smoother.

The metal fittings are also applied by hand one by one.

We use antique leather so that the leather can be used for a long time as it ages.

There are many processes, but I'll skip a few and go to the sewing machine! It is a craftsmanship, sewing this shape just barely.

As you can see, aruci's scissor cases and scissor aprons are all made one by one by the "hands" of craftsmen.

Some of our products may take a while to make, but we make them with all our hearts, so we hope you enjoy waiting for them.

So, for those of you who are considering beans, we've made a lot of them ◎.