Scissor Case Popular Series "Beans Special".

Hello, this is mina.

It's getting warmer and colder, and the weather is gradually moving towards spring.

It's that time of year when we start preparing for a new year and a new life, so why don't you get yourself a new set of tools for your important work?

The most popular scissor case of aruci

Here is an introduction of the most popular scissor case of aruci, "beans".

Beans, in other words, are beans.

This is the perfect scissor case for spring, with a beautiful curve and a cute appearance.

Although these beans are cute, if you change the material, color, and duckle belt, the expression changes so much even in the same shape.

The most popular beans
The expression changes so much!

What kind of combination do you like⁇

There are so many combinations.

Please have fun while choosing!

You can see the beans scissor case introduced in this article here!