I'll show you my scissor case leather polishing technique! | aruci

I'm going to reveal my scissor case leather polishing technique!

Hello! I'm Iwata, an assistant. In the latter half of December, we hope you have a happy winter. There is one announcement from aruci. Our official Twitter page has been opened! It is different from our blog and Instagram. We'll be tweeting different contents from our blog and Instagram. Please follow me ♫! ( Retweet too!!! ) aruci Official Twitter → Click here Now, let's get down to business. Thank you very much for your patience. At last... The rest of the clicker story!!! Remember back in September when we were talking about clickers? I don't remember!!! I don't know! I didn't read it!!!! If you are a... Don !!!!!!! You can read it here: !!!! (laughs) So that's the rest of the story. LOL. Here is the leather that was cut. If you have leather products... I'm sure you're familiar with it. I'm sure you're familiar with the back of the leather. on the back side of the leather, isn't it? This is it, this is it! (laughs) (laughs) At aruci. After cutting with the clicker... we polish the back side of the leather after cutting with the clicker. There are many kinds of work to clean the floor. There are many kinds of work. In aruci, we use this. Ta-da! Toconor!!!!!! You can find it in the leather goods section of any craft store. It's usually sold in the If you are interested in leather handmade This is a must see, especially from here! First, apply Toconol to the floor surface. At aruci, we do this with a We use a sponge! It's very easy to apply. And when you finish painting I polish it with a glass plate. Mr. Sugano teaches the point of floor polishing.
  1. Polish when the toconol is half-dry
  2. .
  3. Move the glass plate in the same direction
  4. .
  5. Only brush with force at first
  6. After that, brush gently and quickly
. If you follow these instructions The floor surface will be finished! Do you see it? It's all clean! aruci's scissor cases are also individually We do this for every single one of our scissor cases! You can do this at home. You can do this at home too! The glass plate... It can be used in the round part of a bottle. The glass plate can be substituted for the round part of the bottle. (* From Iwata Research) I immediately tried it at school. It became clean properly! Please try it by all means (^^)! aruci's scissor case is One by one After cutting and polishing cutting, polishing and sewing. And the completed scissor case is And then we deliver the completed scissor case to the customer! It's very simple. The process of making a scissor case is as follows I have written about the process of making a scissor case. I will continue to study so that I can also tell you about the sewing stage I'll keep studying too! And back to the story... I've been using this cutting and polishing Leather parts. Did you notice what it looks like? I'm sorry I've been dragging you along for three months ________. I'm going to announce it now! It's "Puzzle"! How many of you noticed it? They were parts of a puzzle. I made the parts of the puzzle and used them to I was making key chains out of them ♫! The shape of the mold was a little unusual. Didn't it look like a puzzle? The details of the puzzle key ring are We will announce the details later on Instagram and Twitter. and Twitter. Please check it out! It's been quite long (>_)