Introduction to aruci's commitment to manufacturing!

How do you do?

My name is mina and I make "Hitofudegaki" and socks under the name "empitsukun".

I've collaborated with waji-san, who runs aruci, on a bag project, and now I'm in charge of the blog!

I'd like to learn from waji-san's sincere and honest attitude towards craftsmanship and people, and I'd like to share the goodness of his works with you.

By the way, I'm using waji's puzz series as my wallet. I've been using it with great care, even though I'm always on the lookout for new products! I'll let you know how good this wallet is too.

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By the way, this leather is also used by aruci in their slim scissor case.

Each piece of leather has a lot of attention to detail and is very attractive!

Good day everyone!

We look forward to working with you.