Let me introduce you to the workshop where aruci scissor cases are made!

1472035935793 I'm going to be here for a little while. I will update various information I'm Iwata. Thank you very much! Since it's the first time, I'd like to introduce myself briefly. I'm currently studying bag making I'm currently attending a vocational school to study bag making! I usually take classes. I go to the company several times a month I learn a lot from them. as an assistant. I'm working as an assistant. 9 It's my first time. Today, I'd like to show you the inside of our company in Sakai City. I'd like to introduce you to our company! That's it in a nutshell. It's very stylish !!!! Tools and machines Of course, there are various tools and machines, but But there are also plants and miscellaneous items here and there! 1472035939419 Even the clocks are stylish! 1472035944608 I think this picture is my My favorite (laughs) 1472035948473 Mr. Sugano, the representative of the company, renovated and built it himself. It is a warm and somewhat nostalgic space. And the scissor case of aruci are made here by craftsmen! 1472035951838 Cut by a clicker. These are the leather parts. The long one is the part that becomes the belt! 1472035956369 Samples are displayed in this cute door. They are displayed on such a cute door. Please take a picture of each one! in our online shop Please look at it! You can also request a catalog (^^) There are more stylish places There are still many stylish places, but this is the place for this time. Here, we'll talk about Not only about this company. What aruci is doing. ingenuity in manufacturing. I will also write about the machines I'll write about the machines (I'll introduce the clicker later, too! ) So long! Thank you for reading to the end! Thank you very much!