The story of the clicker which is indispensable for scissor case making.

1473616732498 Hello! I'm Iwata, an assistant. It's September! I know it's sudden, but leather goods and small leather goods can be used in all seasons, but But don't you think they are especially suitable for the coming season? I'm sure you'll love the dark brown leather goods. !!!! I can't wait for fall! Aside from the fact that I'm going to get to the point now. Boom! 1473616735925 This time, I'm going to talk about "clickers"! This big machine... Clicker is used for cutting. How does it work? I'll give you a quick run down! 1473616739580 You take a mold of the shape you want to cut... ( This mold is also made by a special company after making a paper pattern.) 1473616742989 Set it on the leather. And. 1473616747383 Move the top of the clicker. 1473616751664 Like this! In the middle underneath this is the mold I just made. Hold the lever on both ends with both hands. Press the button... 1473616755591 ↓ ↓(Gasp!) ↓ 1473616758646 This is a photo of the moment it went down. This is when the clicker A great deal of force is applied to the mold. This force is too strong. The mold got stuck in the table. I often get stuck. and Boom! And when you're done. It's cut exactly to pattern! 1473616762024 Can you see it? The lower part of the mold is a sword. A big blow from above! the leather is cut cleanly. Here's what was cut! 1473616765477 Now, these cut parts, the What will they become? The correct answer is... I can't announce it yet! (LAUGHS) ( I'll announce the correct answer one day! lol ) I know this is a bit off topic, but... It's a really handy machine. A clicker! 1473616769129 One time cutting and at the same time At the same time, I can make a hole It's an amazing machine. And the aruci scissor case. with the help of clickers and molds. The first step is to cut the scissors. After cutting with a clicker. I start the next work. I'll update you on the next job later! Today's content. "The clicker! Thank you for reading to the end. Thank you for reading to the end (^^) OFFSHOT %e3%82%aa%e3%83%95 ( Mr. Kanno took it right after that, in an instant lol )