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New scissor case beans ① -crazy beans-.

Hi, this is MINA.

I wrote about bean sprouts last time, and beans are in season right now. My parents have been eating some kind of beans and rice like fava beans or green peas every day lately. They say it tastes even better if you cook it in an earthenware pot... I'd like to eat it when Corona settles down, but I wonder what kind of rice will be in season then....

Now that I've talked about beans and rice, I'd like to introduce our new products.

The overwhelmingly popular "beans" scissor case from aruci now comes in two new types.

The first one is

"crazy mix beans".

Four colors are used for the body: natural, camel, brown and black.

You can customize it with a duckle belt, a pocket, a shoulder, etc.

By the way, here is the one that comes as a set carefully selected by our staff.

The pockets also come in 4 colors.

I made a set of these parts.

There are many colors and shapes of belts and pockets, so you can choose your favorite combination of each part instead of a set.

Both of these items have already been well received.

The next time we introduce the popular bean shaped scissor case, we will introduce another new one. Now, what color will it be...⁇