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New scissor case beans② -monokuro beans-.

Good evening, this is mina.

Did you have a chance to have a look at the last aruci exhibition information?

About the exhibition

Now, I'd like to introduce you to the new products of beans that I introduced in the previous blog.

The second is

monokuro beans.

This is a monochrome version in two colors.

This color scheme adds a touch of coolness to the cute bean shape and gives it a chic finish.

This one is also getting good reviews right away!

The monochrome scissor pocket is especially popular with this one.

What kind of combination do you like?

By the way, we also have a set of these here in advance.

Click here

This is the combination.

You can also choose the parts one by one, so we hope you will find your favorite combination.

I'm looking forward to seeing what combination of monochrome beans you come up with!