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Scissor case "triangle" by pulz

Good evening, this is MINA.

I hope you are doing well in this difficult time.

The leaves on the street trees that I can see from my window have grown bigger and bigger since they budded, and the branches that are in full view have started to be covered with green. These are the days when I feel the change of the season even in small places.

Now, I've introduced the "puls" series in the lasttwo issues, and this is the third and final one.

"pulz triangle".

As the name suggests, this is a slim type scissor case with a triangular opening and two pockets.

And it's easy to clean, which is the main attraction of aruci scissor cases.

Each pocket has a flap at the bottom, so you can easily take out the accumulated dust.

And it comes with a lid, which is recommended for those who move around a lot, such as those who go to various stores.

Even when the lid is closed, the leather has a unique vintage and artistic look to it.

It will protect your scissors from being damaged. You can change the scissor pocket for left handed, trimmer or florist. The lid is also popular with trimmers who say it won't hurt animals like dogs.

Two colors are available, both with a deep taste that can be used as an accent for coordination.

A scissor case with a difference from others, please consider.