Scissor Case "coil" Series

Good evening, this is MINA.

It was warm and sunny like spring today. At my parents' house, a Japanese bush warbler was singing.

Tomorrow is supposed to be cold, but it's getting closer to spring step by step.

Now, the scissor case I'd like to introduce today is


Asymmetrical shape, easy to use

The leather wrapped around the back creates a casual asymmetrical form.

4 colors are available.
The leather is wrapped from the back to the front.

The name "coil" comes from the way it is wrapped.

Customize with a pocket or a duckaroo belt!

You can change the atmosphere by changing the pockets and the duckaroo belt.

Personally, I recommend the "Chess Pattern" pocket that uses two colors of leather.

The "Chess Pattern" pocket

By the way, this scissor case is not only stylish.

By the way, this scissor case is not only stylish, but you can remove the hook on the back to clean the hair and dust accumulated inside.

The scissor case of aruci is good in both design and function.

All of them are attractive, so please think about your favorite body, belt, pocket, etc. Please think about the combination that you like.