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Hello, this is mina.

It was a nice sunny day during the rainy season, and I took a leisurely walk for the first time in a while. The hydrangeas and dokudami flowers were so beautiful that I stopped to take pictures and listen to the birds... and before I knew it, an hour had passed. It's nice to take a walk like this once in a while.

Well, today I'd like to shine a spotlight on scissor pockets!

We've been getting a lot of inquiries about them lately, so if I could just tell you in simple terms...

aruci products can be customized with scissor pockets of your choice.

Whether you're a hairdresser, trimmer, or florist, we have a pocket to suit you.

First, here are the pockets for hair stylists

All pockets are the same size.

They are designed to make it easy for you to put your scissors in.

You can choose from 3 pockets, 4 pockets, 5 pockets, and 6 pockets which were recently made in response to requests.

This image is for right-handed users.

We are often asked about this, but the pockets for left-handed people are reversed.

This is a left handed pocket for 5 scissors. It is easy to put scissors in and out with your left hand.

So, if you want to put it on your apron

The right-handed scissor pocket can be placed in the right pocket of the apron.

The left-handed scissor pocket is placed in the left pocket of the apron for easy access with the left hand.

We are very particular about the ease of use of these tools, which can be called important work buddies and increase work efficiency.

Each of these pockets is made with care by our craftsmen.

We would be happy if you could make the best choice for your work.

We will introduce more information for trimmers and florists.