The difference between scissor pockets

Hello, this is mina.

In the middle of the rainy season, there are a few hot and humid days here and there. It's starting to feel more and more like summer, how are you doing?

Well, today I'd like to introduce a pocket for florists.

There are three main types of aruci scissor pockets.

1) for hairdressers

(2) for trimmers

3) for florists

In addition, you can choose from 3 to 6 pockets, right handed or left handed, and you can also choose the color.

What is different is the shape of the pocket.

(1) For hairdressers

Like this, all have the same shape.

And ② for trimmers

Like this, only the front pocket is bigger than the others. This is where you can put the curved scissors that trimmers often use.

And 3) for florists

As you can see, it has a very different shape from the previous two. It is designed to be used for pruning scissors.

As you can see, aruci offers a variety of pockets to suit your needs.

We hope you will choose the one that best suits your work and purpose.

If your tools are good, your work will progress!

Please consider a scissor case that can become such a partner.