slim beans" slim visor case

Good evening, this is mina.

The temperature is getting warmer and warmer, and although we couldn't see the cherry blossoms, we can feel the spring in the supermarket as various vegetables such as bamboo shoots are in season.

Speaking of the season, it is the season of delicious beans. Do you like green peas?

In fact, green peas used to be called "green peas" when they were ripened from pea pods. Nowadays, they use special seeds for green peas due to breeding, but I didn't think they were the same as pea pods...

If your child is not fond of green peas, it may be a step to overcome his or her dislike by opening a pea and showing it as a baby green pea.

Today's scissor case is called "slim beans ". Click here for the site

The "beans " we introduced before is also very popular, but this is the slim version of it.

It has a slim and sleek design while retaining the cuteness of "beans".

The two upper and lower pockets will hold your shears and tools. The side loops and duckle belt allow you to attach thicker brushes.

It is available in four attractive colors.

The back flap makes it easy to clean, and the lid makes it safe to carry around.

How about a scissor case that you can enjoy the change of the leather over time, so the taste of "bean" will increase with use?