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Slim Scissors Case "Curve

Good evening, this is MINA.

Today is the last day of this school year.

Due to various problems, it may not be a peaceful start of the new year, but

However, I hope to have a clear mind at least.

The news of cherry blossoms may seem like a distant story, but I'm sure there are some people who are trying to lose weight because they are not going out as much. I'm one of those people, and I've been thinking about it.

Now, today I'd like to introduce you to the "slim scissor case" series.

It's called " curve "!

Which color do you like?

You can find this series here

This scissor case is

Slim and neat, with plenty of storage space.

It has a lid, so it is recommended for those who carry a lot.

Square shape of the upper and lower two tiers to fit a lot.

It has a side loop for attaching a brush, and a back flap for convenient cleaning.

The compact body blends in casually with fashion.

The material used is vegetable tanned nubuck leather, dyed with dye and then hand-painted one by one with wax to finish.

It is the original leather by the leather maker in Japan.

The surface of the leather is matte at the beginning of use, but gradually the wax soaks into the inside of the leather and

The surface is matte at the beginning of use, but gradually the wax soaks into the interior of the leather, and a shiny gloss comes out.

Mostro" means "monster" in Italian. Please enjoy the change of expression and aging of nubuck leather.

How about the scissor case that will be active as your buddy while growing up with you, by all means in the new year?