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Slim visor case "triangle

Good evening, this is MINA.

Since I've been spending more time at home, I've been trying to decorate with flowers.

When I find myself staring at my computer or phone for a long time, I suddenly feel relieved when I see flowers and greenery. Since I can't even see the cherry blossoms, the greening of my house is going to progress. Let's aim for the forest!

Last time, we introduced the slim scissor case "Curve ".

Today, I'm going to show you another slim scissor case made of the same leather." triangle "I'd like to introduce you to a


This is a slim type scissor case with a triangular opening and two pockets.

This slim type scissor case is stylish and easy to use.

Storage capacity

It is convenient because it can be stored separately.

And when you divide it by parts, it looks like this...

It is made of these parts

There is a flap at the bottom of each pocket, so you can easily take out the accumulated garbage.

It's also easy to clean.

And there are 4 colors here.

4 colors. Which one is your favorite?

As we mentioned in our last blog, we are very particular about the design and the leather.

The matte feeling at the beginning of use, and more and more changes and shine gloss comes out.

You can enjoy the change of leather over time.

We hope that veterans as well as debuting stylists will be able to carve their memories with the change from the new leather.

Congratulations to everyone who has made their debut!