Denim Apron - aruci Hakama Apron

Hi, this is mina. It's really hot everyday! But the sound of cicadas is gradually decreasing, and the sound of autumn insects is increasing at night, so I feel that the season is changing little by little these days.

Well, today I would like to inform you about denim aprons.

We have a variety of denim aprons for you to choose from.

The denim apron has been renewed and is now available again!

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The word "denim" may give you a casual impression, but this apron can be worn both casually and stylishly.

This apron is washed to minimize the color fading. This makes the color more tasteful.

Please be careful not to wash it with other things at first, just in case.

The chest and shoulders are made of washable leather, so you can wash it.

You can also choose a scissor pocket, pen holder or key holder as an option.


Match the color of the leather with black for a stylish and cool impression.


If you match it with brown or other colors, you can make it look a little casual and cute.

Scissor pockets are also available in a variety of colors, so we hope you'll find a combination you like.

How about you, "apron hairdressers"。

We recommend this denim apron not only for hair stylists, trimmers and florists, but also for everyday use.

Please consider it.

The hot days are continuing, so please take care of yourselves.