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Muraori Brown Hakama Apron

Hello, this is MINA. I've noticed that the days are getting earlier and earlier. The hot days continue, but I feel the arrival of autumn little by little.

Now, I'd like to introduce you to a brown apron that's perfect for fall!

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Semi-long length apron in mula weave brown

We've changed the specs, revamped it, and it's back on sale!

Washable leather is placed on the chest and part of the shoulder.
The shoulder is detachable, and the length can be adjusted in 3 steps.
The price is the same, but it's an upgrade.

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A light, uneven weave apron that can be worn casually or stylishly.

You can add a scissor pocket, a key holder and a pen holder.

It is brownish, so you can wear any color

How about this apron that is light and dry, because the hot days continue⁇