collonil waterproofing spray

Hello, this is mina.

How are you doing these days when you have more time at home?

I'm addicted to reading while soaking in the bath. It's a great way to kill two birds with one stone: reading, soaking, sweating, and maintenance.

Speaking of maintenance, now that I have more time at home, I recommend taking care of your leather goods.

It is also a wonderful time to take care of your tools, to say thank you for everything and to give your best wishes to new members.

At aruci, we also offer maintenance services for those who have purchased our products.

We send off each piece as if we were giving it away as a bride, so it's nice to see the grown-up face of our own child after a long time. It's all because our customers are using them with care.

Thank you for everything!

Now, for those who want to do simple maintenance at home by themselves, we recommend

If you want to do it yourself at home, we recommend collonil's Waterstop waterproof spray!

You can use it on many things.

"It is a waterproof spray that does not cover the leather surface, but penetrates the leather.
The fluorocarbon resin that penetrates the material gives a waterproof effect, prevents the penetration of water and dirt, and maintains the leather's original beautiful texture without losing its flexibility and breathability.

In addition, when used when the leather product is new, it will be less likely to get dirty, making later care easier and more effective."

So, we tested it out!

This time, we experimented with leather and fabric. Since we don't have any colorants from the hairdresser, we compared the results with soy sauce, which is the most common stain.

I sprayed only the bottom two with collonil and poured soy sauce on all of them.

And wipe off with a tissue.

The result

As you can see, the upper two became stains, but the lower two were wiped clean. The stain did not spread on the leather or the cloth, and the soy sauce grains rolled off like raindrops on an umbrella.

It was so clean that I felt good.

This is not a test using colorants, but I hope it will be helpful.

You can use it not only on your scissor case but also on your bags and shoes.

It is also available on the aruci website, so please consider it if you like.

Click here to visit the site.

Also, if you would like to have us do maintenance for you, please feel free to contact us through DM on Instagram or LINE on the website.

Why don't you make it a maintenance day for yourself and your tools once in a while?

We wish you a fulfilling time at home!