Introducing a great value scissor case select set!

Hello! I'm Sugano, the representative of aruci. It's been a hot day and I feel like my body is melting. Seven Eleven's frozen mangoes as a daily treat! I'm surviving somehow. This time. I'd like to talk about the scissor cases and select sets that are a little bit cheaper. There are three main intentions for this set. (1) Limited time offer We have apparel brands havito and ulazan in addition to aruci. If you are interested, please click here↓ havito exhibit store We are exhibiting a limited number of items made from the leather we use there and other maniac materials that are rarely available. Dead stock items We produce a limited quantity of discontinued or experimental production models. Things like a lump of individuality may also be exhibited. 3) Designer Select This is a set that the designer of waji, the company that runs aruci, assembled after much deliberation while matching color schemes and material textures. These scissor cases are a little pricey! It will change from time to time, so don't miss it!