Scissor case store sales start @ Omotesando, Tokyo

aruci's scissor case and apron are now on sale at Five Omotesando store from March.
aruci's scissor cases and aprons are now on sale at Five Omotesando store.
Some products are not available, but they are in stock one after another!
Five Omotesando Store
This is aruci's first in-store sale.
For those of you who have not had the opportunity to see directly in the Kanto area
Please take this opportunity to come!
In addition, there are no stores in the Kansai area yet, but
In the Kansai area, we do not have any stores that sell our products yet, but we will have our second exhibition at Bunnosato Kobo on March 17-18, so please come and see us!
I'd be happy if you could come and see it!
For more information, click here!
We don't require reservations.
Please feel free to come!