Limited edition slim scissor case "puzzle curve".

Good evening, this is mina.

How are you doing these days when your time at home is getting longer?

I heard that the demand for puzzles is increasing because of this time. If you have a favorite puzzle, it is very attractive because it is not only fun but also you can display the completed puzzle in your room.

I once bought a puzzle with all white pieces, and it took me an endless amount of time, but now I might try again...

Now, I'd like to introduce you to the scissor cases from the "puzzle" series.

The slim scissor case


which is a slim scissor case, in a limited edition "puzzle" version!

puzzle curve

Available in 3 colors




This product is made of Japanese oil shrink leather.

The design is stylish and cool with a little bit of charm. It has a puzzle shaped accent on the flap and comes with a puzzle charm.

Of course, the functionality of the bag is just as fulfilling as the rest of the series. The top and bottom pockets are designed to hold your scissors and other tools.

The bottom of the case can be opened with a snap, making it easy to clean the corners.

There are two more models in this series, so we will introduce them again.

Quantities are limited, so if you're interested, be sure to check out our site!