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Limited edition slim scissor case "puzzle triangle".

Good evening, this is mina. It was an unusual GW, and it was as hot as summer in Kansai. I felt the change of the season a little, thinking that the cicadas would start singing in the meantime.

Well, today I'd like to introduce another limited-quantity series. I introduced it the other day.
Have you checked out the limited edition slim scissor case " puzzle curve " yet?

Have you checked it out yet?

Today, I'd like to introduce the "triangle" of the same puzzle series.

This scissor case is slim, but it can hold a lot.

You can store your scissors in the upper and lower two pockets like this.

And the most important point, "Is it easy to clean?

This is obvious when you see it.

The back of the bag can be opened wide for cleaning and can be disassembled into parts.

If fine hair from dogs or cats gets in, you can disassemble it and take care of it, and cover it so it doesn't hit the animals.

The basic set comes with a scissor pocket for hairdressers, please choose from this screen on the website.

And you can choose the pocket for hairdresser, trimmer, florist, and your dominant arm.

Please customize it for yourself and choose a style that is easy to use.

It is still a difficult time, but please have a healthy mind and body.