Limited edition slim scissor case "puzzle slim beans".

Hi, I'm MINA. I heard a rumor that it's popular to grow bean plants after cutting and eating them once. They grow them like houseplants, with flowers and fruits. I'm thinking of trying it myself, so how are you doing today?

Today, I'd like to introduce a bean-shaped scissor case with a cute puzzle accent.

It is " puzzle slim beans".

The puzzle shape is hollowed out and the charm is an accent.

It can hold scissors well. And it can be divided into parts for easy cleaning.

In addition to these slim beans, there are other puzzle series

"puzzle curve

"puzzle triangle".

The leather used in this series is Amanda oil leather.
Amanda oil leather is tanned with full tannin leather and made in Japan.
Amanda Oil is strong, scratch resistant, and has a subtle unevenness in color that gives it an elegant look.

The other day, we just received an order as a gift.

Please consider this scissor case with a touch of sophistication.