New washable leather -hakama Apron-.

Hello, this is MINA.

It's the rainy season, isn't it? The days continue to be dull and dreary, but I want to keep my mind clear.

Well, today I'd like to introduce you to something a little brighter, our new collection!

Washable leather hakama Apron

We finally made it, an all leather apron!

We overturned the notion that "leather is not washable" and made a "washable leather apron".

It is made of high quality Japanese leather, which is used for leather jackets, selected from a leather tannery for high brands.
We made it into "washable leather" with special dye.
It can be washed in water with a neutral detergent.

"Even if it is washable, isn't an all-leather apron too heavy?

I thought so too at first, but to my surprise, it weighs only 475g. This lightness including the strap is lighter than a 500 plastic bottle.

Many general leather aprons weigh more than 800 grams including the strap, but why was it able to be so light...?

You can read more about it on our website.

→Washable Leather Hakama Apron

In addition to being washable and lightweight, this apron has the same specifications as aruci's popular "Hakama Apron". It is washable, lightweight and has the same specifications as aruci's popular "Hakama Apron". The legs are open so it is easy to work when sitting.

The bottom of the pocket opens and closes with a hidden detachable tape for easy cleaning when hair gets into the pocket, so daily cleaning maintenance is easy.

The straps are crossed at the back and tied at the waist, so it fits like a piece of clothing.
It also reduces the burden on the shoulders and neck, and reduces the work load for a long time.

Unisex design to match any gender.
Patterns to fit all body types.

Optional pen holder, key holder, glove holder, etc. can be added.

After many prototypes and more than a year of development, the
craftsman and designer have finally completed a satisfactory finish to this new washable leather apron

Please consider it!