We're working on a new series of scissor cases!

With freshly made new leather. samples are being made The new color of antique leather, white gray It was originally made for us. The hints for the color scheme are. I heard this story from the owner of my favorite French vintage clothing store. He told me about the wall of a vintage shop in France of a vintage shop in France. The exquisite color gives a sense of newness and history. Neither white nor gray can be said, such a color taste. This shop is a shop that stands quietly in the back alley, but but it has many customers such as famous brand designers and directors. I've been coming here 3 times a year for the past 10 years. I am one of the fans who visit Nagoya from Osaka about 3 times a year for 10 years. This owner, when it starts to be popular If it becomes popular, he will stop selling it. That's what I like about him and I'm learning a lot from him. You'll find vintage clothes and shoes that you've never seen before. I'll tell you the location of the shop if you're a rare person who's interested.