My new workshop to immerse myself in making scissor cases is finally complete!

Hello! Last time we talked about clickers. I told you about it. ( You can see the previous article here!) And this time, we'll talk about After the cutting, the next story Not !!!! (Laughter) On Instagram. It's been published a few times. We have a new workshop in Osaka City! We're currently working on getting it up and running. We are in the middle of renovation! It's not quite finished yet. I'd like to report on the progress along the way. The white wall on the first floor. This will be the workshop. ( I'm measuring the dimensions in the picture, lol ) This is how it turned out! Doh!!! I painted the wall! I didn't paint all of it. I used the original wall. It will change more from here. Enjoy! Other. Stained glass lights in the bathroom, and and houseplants in the bathroom. I'm doing all these things. It's just so cute. ( I'm still in the middle stage here too!) I put a rocker in the workshop. This is the second floor. The front of the photo is the office and The back is going to be a gallery! The second floor is not renovated yet. I wonder how they will change it! I'm looking forward to it! For the last few times, I've been working at the new studio I've been working on the renovations. It's so cute! Outstanding! That's all I can say. There are other parts that I haven't shown you yet. I haven't shown yet. There are really too many. I can't tell you about them all at once (laughs). We are still in the process of renovation Please follow our progress here and on Instagram! I'll be uploading the progress here and on Instagram! And of course, the Sakai company. Of course, we'll upload the Sakai company at the same time! And we'll be sure to talk about what happens after the clicker! (laughs) Thank you for reading to the end. Thank you! That's all for now, a report on the new workshop construction!