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New workshop where scissor cases are made

Hello! I'm Iwata, an assistant. For the past month. I've been working hard on a project! One of them! Another assistant. "Galaxy Tanaka," is working on a project. The finished product Since it is open to the public Please check it out! ( You can see it from here) And Please spread the word: !!!!!!!! (Laughter) Now, to the point! It's called. New Workshop and Scissor Case. This is the last time I went to work. "Take a picture of the scissor case." It all started with a comment from Mr. Kanno (the representative). I'll take a picture using the new workshop's Ayaru stuff. I submerged it once with my iPhone camera (laughs). I'm taking pictures only with the things in the new studio What's this? and Along with the scissor case. I hope you enjoy it! The first one right away. Did you notice it? This wall appeared in the previous article. (Previous Blog) Were you able to find it? Yes, next! The second one. Do you know what this fence is used for? I'll tell you in a minute. In aruci, it's for hanging tools! (laughs) Let's go on and on. The third one! I can't get enough of the white and brown, I'm so proud of myself. Do you know what this is?
    I'll give you a hint: it's something that everyone has used before. That thing, that thing! The answer. The white chair! Finally, here. This was also taken using a wooden chair. Do you recognize the wall? Look at my last post. Ha! That's the correct answer! (laughs) I hope you enjoyed it. Renovation is not only about space but also the photos. It's such a discovery It's interesting that I'm taking pictures too~! I thought. I'm sure I'll make another discovery. There are many more photos, but They'll be updated on my Instagram. That's all for now! Please follow and check us out ♫ On a side note... The photo that was just released on Instagram (here) I made a mistake. It's the one I screenshot (lol) The Instagram is It's all Kanno's choice. So sometimes there are things like that. (laughs) Nice! I'll be waiting! (laughs) See you soon. Thank you for reading to the end. Thank you very much!