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Recently popular scissor case -white gray-.

Hi, I'm MINA.

How are you doing in this hot weather? I can feel the sunburn even if I go to the supermarket. It's hard for Corona, but please be careful of heat stroke.

Well, today I'd like to introduce a scissor case that we've been getting a lot of orders for recently.

aruci's scissor cases can be ordered like a semi-custom order by selecting and combining the body and parts you like.

There are so many different leathers, colors, and shapes that there are quite a few ways to combine them! We always try to combine the customer's choice, thinking "I see, this combination is cute too! I'm always thinking "I see!

Among them, the most popular one these days is

"White gray".

It is a bean shaped scissor case " beans

" in white gray color! <! -- wp:gallery {"ids" <720>:} -->

To this beans

Scissor pockets, duckle belt and shoulders in the same color...

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It will look like this!

This combination is very popular right now!

It's cute to wear it with cool summer color and white cord. It's a stylish combination that is both cute and elegant.

In this picture, I used " wave

" for the dakkar belt, but <! -- wp:gallery {"ids": <722>} -->

If you wear " knit

" like this picture, it will be more cute◎.


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Match it up with a ' twist

' like this for a cool look!

We also recommend other shapes of white gray ◎The left side of the picture is " slim " and the center is " ciggy


The color of this leather is expressed by specialized craftsmen who take time and effort to apply it by hand.

If you are considering purchasing a scissor case, we hope you will find these combinations helpful.