Apron for hairdresser

Our redesigned hakama aprons will be back on sale soon! We have improved the design and specifications while keeping the good points of the previous work. Along with this, we have installed new equipment in our workshop. We are the first to make this type of apron. We are very serious. We are currently working with a craftsman to fine-tune it, and we hope to have it ready for sale within the next three days. Delivery time will depend on the orders we receive. but it should be within two weeks at the earliest and a month at the latest! I hope. We don't like the commercial practice of incentivizing early purchases with an intended wait of several months. If you've been waiting months for a However, if there is a wait of several months, you can imagine that our craftsmen are working day and night at the sewing machine I hope you will wait warmly. Now, please wait a little longer...!